These systems are a perfect alternative to a traditional whole house central HVAC system and are much more affordable. 

They are an excellent choice for apartments, home additions, garages or for any space that does not have a perimeter duct system.

The many benefits to owning and operation these systems in your home include, balanced ambient temperature in your home, zoned heating and cooling for individual rooms. Not to mention a very cost effective way to heat and cool your home, plus they are mounted and installed.

In a couple of different ways they can be installed on a ceiling or a wall. The typical design makes them look pretty cool on just about any wall in your home, office or your place of business.

Before you get started or purchase you may be asking yourself a couple of questions. Let’s clarify a few things. Here are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Q. What is a Single Zone Mini-split?

A. A single zone Mini-split has only one air handler (that cool looking thing that’s mounted on your wall) inside. It also features a single condenser and line-set that sits outside your home. It is responsible for heating or cooling a single room. Any additional rooms that need heating or cooling will require additional air handlers and larger condenser to handle the total heating and cooling load requirements.

Q. How many square feet does my Mini-split cool?

A. The coverage you will receive is based on it’s BTU rating. The more BTU’s the more coverage you will sustain. Check out our rough chart below for a square footage estimate.


Space Capacity

BTU Level

150 to 250 sq ft =

6,000 BTUs

250 to 300 sq ft =

7,000 BTUs

300 to 350 sq ft =

8,000 BTUs

350 to 400 sq ft =

9,000 BTUs

400 to 450 sq ft =

10,000 BTUs

450 to 550 sq ft =

12,000 BTUs

550 to 700 sq ft =

14,000 BTUs 

700 to 1,000 sq ft =

18,000 BTUs

1000 to 1200 sq ft =

21,000 BTUs

1200 to 1400 sq ft =

23,000 BTUs

1500 sq ft =

24,000 BTUs


Q. How many air handlers do I need?

A. Depends on your heating and cooling needs for the space you are trying to cool. Additional air handlers may be required based on size and layout of living sapce. Of course there are a great many benefits and savings to purchasing a Multi Zone Ductless System (Richard, the underlined will need to be a link to this product page) as well. It all comes down to sizing and your choice to how you set up your system.

Lastly, let’s talk about performance, energy efficiency and the cost effectiveness of owning and operating one of these systems in your home or business.

The savings and energy efficient performance is and will be a great concession to you. Quiet

 performance and excellent ambient temperature is another great benefit in owning and operating a Mini-split in your residence. The loss of air and reduced electricity usage is also another advantage to owning a Mini-split. It’s SEER rating will cast a nice savings on your heating and cooling costs as well. A prudent purchase all the away around!


Q. OK, that all sounds good but what system do I need for my home?
A. There are multiple systems on our shop page that will be suitable for your needs. If you are a little confused or worried about selecting the right system… We will be happy to give you a free in home consult or answer any question you have via a scheduled Zoom meeting or a quick telephone call for any questions you may have. Remember we are here to make your purchase as easy as possible for the peace of mind answers you need in selecting the right system for your home.