Sizing your equipment is an important factor when it comes to utilizing the Shop Ship Install Method. Your personal knowledge of the proper sized equipment is a critical factor when it comes to a worry free shopping experience here at Comfort 1 Group. Lucky for you we made it easy for you to obtain the knowledge you need to get through this important critical step - now you may already know the size of A/C, furnace and amount of BTU’s you need for your home, if so proceed to the Shop page

If in fact you don’t know these factors, then there are three ways you can obtain the knowledge you need to start shopping and SAVE BIG!

  1. Take advantage of our sizing chart below, this chart will help you obtain the information you need to start shopping for the proper size products and equipment for your home.
  2. Our video tutorial will explain to you how to size your equipment that’s already operating in you home. Emily will explain and show you what to look for in this informative presentation, Don’t be intimated! It’s easy.
  3. Of course you can bypass it all with a free in home consult. We will give you all the pertinent information you need so you too can have a worry free shopping experience. It’s always fun when you are saving big money. Also, helping you choose a new system that’s compatible to your home is another advantage to an in home consult. Keep in mind also when you choose to do business with Comfort 1 Group, there is no sales pressure. We can inform you and arm you with our expertise, but we cannot sell you anything. You have to go online and by it yourself. That is the meat of your savings. This is the advantage of using the Shop Ship Install Method.
 Sq. FT for A/C Ton
 750 to 1000  2 Ton
 1050 to 1400  2.5 Ton
 1450 to 1700  3 Ton
 1750 to 1900  3.5 Ton
 1950 to 2200  4 Ton
 2250 +  5 Ton
 Typical Tonnage for A/C in the Midwest Climate  
 BTU’s for Furnace (Heat)  
 Sq. FT  BUT’s
 500 to 700  40k to 60k
 900 to 1000  45k to 70k
 1000 to 1200  60k to 75k
 1200 to 1500  60k to 90k
 1500 to 2000  90k to 115k
 2000 to 2500  100k to 120k
 2700 to 3000  135k to 180k
 1000 to 1200  

BTU Heating Calculator